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42 Götgatan
118 26 Stockholm

+46-8-641 88 91

Project AJ117


Project AJ117

Melting together  a bunch of creative people places in a small house at the Copenhagen Freeport area in 2011, the idea of creating a “state of mind” brand with timeless and everyday essentials with a casual and cool look…
The brand name came for the idea of creating a common new PROJECT, location was in the house number 117 – and the AJ letters came from the 2 companies involved. Starting the brand we felt we needed to go back to “Made in Europe” , here we could get the best technicians and workmanship for the look we wanted.
In this way a new brand saw the first day light …
Still located in Copenhagen with an outstandingly beautiful showroom in an old factory, we combine the best of Scandinavian Design traditions and simplicity with the Italian workmanship and finishings.
Project.AJ117 is a collaboration between Head of Design Charlotte Vadum and luxury distributor CPH Fashion Pool…
The brand Project.AJ117 was created in the wish to create a ”need to have” luxury collection:
Cool everyday styles that all women would love to have in their wardrobe:
We all have a crush for delicate, comfortable and luxurious fabrics and new finishings combined with styles that you can jump into every morning and feel sexy and practical at the same time.