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42 Götgatan
118 26 Stockholm

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American Vintage


American Vintage

Inspired by trips to the USA, Michaël Azoulay established American Vintage in 2005, with an innovative concept of reinventing the basic T-shirt.

Michaël Azoulay  from Marseille, in the south of France, Michaël Azoulay is a straight-forward true self-made man. He is the one who instilled the successful characteristics of his brand : simplicity and authenticity. Nothing was predestining him to work in the Fashion industry but his hard work and unwavering will made all the difference when he created his own label. His sales background earned by learning-and-doing has granted him the vision he has on his field, global, realistic, ambitious and on what it takes to build a brand. Curious, driven, eager to learn, with his eyes wide open on his own time, he was passionate by the United States and their sense of immoderation, a country where everything seems possible. Galvanized by these positive american vibes, tired of working for someone else, he took his chance and and decided to start his own business at 23 with an idea for sole safeguard. The idea that a T-shirt, the ultimate essential in the United States, has a strong potential to become a trendy piece in France. Success was not immediate but he sharpened thoughtfully the vision of his brand and surrounded himself with highly skilled and capable designers to move forward. With a pragmatic approach, this assertive man, appearing as an UFO in the fashion landscape, has transformed American Vintage into a successful brand, a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe in only 7 years.

He blended American innovation, energy and positive thinking with French tradition, refinement and elegance. The brand identity is all about colours, high-quality materials and pure styling. Basics became an iconic item and the American Vintage spirit was born.

The looks are sporty, sophisticated, casual and rock, offering a multifaceted wardrobe with an off-beat take on fashion codes and a blend of styles that reaches out to all personalities.